Adoption Counseling

An afternoon Workshop for 10 to 14 year old Girls adopted from China

Being adopted from China is a unique journey of its own. In this support group girls will share their journey of adoption from China with one another. The group will offer adoptee’s a safe place to unfold some of the mysteries in their life story. Using circle time, arts and crafts, letter writing and artistic expression girls will explore deeper feelings about their identity as a Chinese adoptee. Each participant will make their very own Letter Journal Album to hold the art work or letters they write from their heart to their biological mother and father.
  • Circle time - Adoptee’s will have the opportunity to share their adoption stories with one another and use this time to share feelings and talk openly about being adopted.
  • Crafting a Letter Journal - Each girl will design and create a Letter Journal as a Sacred Container for the letters they write to their biological father and mother. Additional pages will be created for future letters the girls may want to write.
  • Letter writing - Each adoptee will write a letter to their biological father and their biological mother to get their emotions out and give them an increased sense of peace. Girl’s can create an artistic piece to include in their Journal Album if they are not ready to express their feelings with words.
The group will be age balanced with four older girls and four younger girls. The younger girls will be paired with an older girl to create a sense of warmth and support for the younger child and an element of responsibility for the older adoptee. A healthy snack will be served that will be authentic to the girls culture. The group will meet on from 12 to 5 p.m. at 119 Ward Street in Larkspur. Please contact us for the current dates. Fee for the Workshop is $125.00 payable in advance at the time of registration through check or through PayPal. Financial assistance is available for any family with a need. Please register early as this group is limited to 8 participants.

For more information about this Workshop and other work Colleen Kane-Dacri, PhD does go to her website at or contact Colleen Kane-Dacri, PhD directly by phone at 415-515-7806 or email

Please forward this flyer to anyone you feel would benefit from this work.
Thank you!